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Zoom Whitening

Professionally Whitening Teeth

Teeth whitening is one of the best investments you can make in the appearance of your smile and your overall confidence. Whether you have a persistent stain on a tooth or general yellowness, the office of Dr. Travis Wilson can provide professional and effective treatment to make your whole smile shine. We utilize the advanced Zoom Chairside Whitening System technology, as seen on Extreme Makeover, to achieve incredible results. No other teeth whitening dentist in Beaver Dam can rival the brightening effects we produce for dull, yellow or stained teeth.

Benefits of the Zoom Brightening System

The most obvious benefit of investing in teeth whitening is the immediate boost to your confidence. You need not worry about smiling with your mouth closed when you have beautifully clean and white teeth. There are plenty of other benefits, too, including:
  • Professional treatment is more reliable than store-bought
  • A single treatment from a dentist is more effective than months of alternatives
  • We can help you avoid the pain and sensitivity that often occurs

Boost Your Confidence With a Whiter Smile in Owensboro & Beaver Dam

Yellowing and staining are some of the most common concerns people have about their dental health. Though primarily cosmetic issues, they should be addressed and treated by a dental professional. The office of Dr. Travis Wilson offers comprehensive teeth whitening services to his clients. We also serve Morgantown, Beaver Dam and Owensboro, so if you are looking for a dental office that can care for your needs, visit us. In addition to cosmetic treatment, we offer orthodontics, implants and a range of other options. Please reach out to us at 270-926-6040 to arrange an appointment.