Candy Alternatives This Valentine’s Day

Candy is the traditional gift on Valentine’s Day. The stores are already full of heart-shaped boxes of chocolates and decorated packages of candy for you and your loved ones. Valentine’s Day is a wonderful holiday to show your loved ones how much you are. But it doesn’t have to be a day filled with sugary treats. As you know, sugar and oral health don’t go well together. Sugar has been proven to be a leading cause of cavities and other oral health problems. This year, why not expand your horizons and consider some candy alternatives this Valentine’s Day? Here are some ideas to consider.

Gifts Instead of Candy

One great idea is simply to give a gift instead of candy. This is especially good for children who are already at risk of eating too much sugar on a daily basis. A small Valentine’s Day themed gift tucked into your child’s lunch box, like a plush toy or a racing car will make them smile just as much or more than a bar of candy. For your spouse or loved one, why not offer a special piece of jewelry or a bejeweled hair ornament?

Homemade Instead of Candy

Another interesting idea is to gift the gift of something homemade for Valentine’s Day. This could be something as simple as a decorated picture frame or as special as a knitted sweater. You could even make homemade foods, such as a few jars of homemade spaghetti sauce, or some canned pickles made from cucumbers from your own garden.

Experience Instead of Candy

Finally, your loved ones might prefer a day or evening doing something fun instead of a sugary box of candy. An experience will create lasting memories of time spent together, while a piece of candy will be quickly forgotten. Some ideas for experiences include a sporting event, a day at the zoo or something else appropriate for your budget and your family.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be a day where you give treats that don’t align with your healthy lifestyle. These three ideas will be just as much—if not more—appreciated as a box of store-bought candy. Maybe a candy alternative might even become Valentine’s Day tradition in your family!


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