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Caring for Your New Porcelain Crown: Tips to Remember

When it comes to protecting a tooth from further damage or even making it more aesthetically fitting for the long term, dental crowns in Beaver Dam, KY are highly effective. Dental crowns can be made out of a few different materials, but porcelain is one of the more common. Take a look at a few care tips to keep in mind after you are fitted with a new porcelain crown.

Remain consistent with oral hygiene habits

While a porcelain crown is synthetic, the surrounding or supporting natural tooth still needs your everyday attention when you brush and floss. If you are not vigilant about oral hygiene, it can lead to issues with the natural tooth that put the new crown at risk.

Watch out for foods that could cause breakage

Porcelain is a dense and durable material, but it can be damaged just the same. Watch out for foods that could cause direct damage, such as hard candy, ice, or anything that is excessively crunchy. If at any time you spot an area of your new crown that appears damaged, be sure to reach out to a dentist as soon as possible before the problem grows more severe.

Keep your annual dental checkup appointments

During your annual visit to the dentist for a checkup, the dentist will be examining the crown to ensure it is still bonded in place, not showing signs of damage or wear, and properly supported. One of the biggest reasons for crown failure is lack of dental care, so be sure to continue to keep your appointments annually.

Talk to a Dentist About Dental Crowns in Beaver Dam, KY

When properly cared for, a well-placed dental crown can last for many years. If you need a dentist in Beaver Dam, KY that can help you get a dental crown, reach out to us at the office of Travis Wilson D.M.D. to schedule an appointment.

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