Common Reasons For Tooth Extraction 

Extracting a permanent tooth is only done in certain situations. It’s never undertaken lightly, as permanent teeth don’t grow back. Your dentist in Beaver Dam, KY always wants to do everything possible to save teeth. However, sometimes a tooth extraction is the only safe option. Here are the most common reasons why a tooth needs to be extracted.

Tooth Decay

If a tooth has decayed to the point where it cannot be saved with drilling and filling a cavity, then it will need to be extracted. Tooth decay can spread to abutting teeth. By extracting one tooth, it’s often possible to save others.

Tooth Trauma

Injuries to the mouth occur on a daily basis around the world. They result from vehicular accidents, sporting accidents and just weird freak accidents. If a tooth has become nearly dislodged or seriously damaged due to trauma, it may have to be extracted.

Upcoming Orthodontic Treatment

If you are getting orthodontic treatment for any reason, you may have to get one or more wisdom teeth extracted. Wisdom teeth are not considered necessary. If it’s determined that one or more wisdom teeth may undo the orthodontic treatment, or prevent it from being successful in the first place, you may have to get them removed.

Except for when wisdom teeth are extracted, and depending upon the reason for the tooth extraction, your dentist will be able to replace the missing tooth with a dental implant, a bridge or something else. Don’t worry; you won’t be left with an unsightly gap in your teeth!

Tooth extractions in Beaver Dam, KY are done with as little discomfort as possible, though the use of numbing agents and/or sedation dentistry. Contact our office to book your appointment so that your oral health can be as good as possible.


What to Expect During a Tooth Extraction

Are you getting a tooth extraction in Beaver Dam KY or Owensboro KY? Sounds kind of intimidating, doesn’t it? Tooth extractions are a standard procedure that can help patients in a variety of ways.

Some patients need extractions because they don’t have enough room in their mouth for all their teeth. Other patients need an extraction because they have an infection in one of their teeth, or they’re at risk for an infection. Sometimes, getting rid of a tooth can save your dental health and your smile. Knowing what to expect can help you through the process, making it less intimidating overall.

Extraction Procedure

During the extraction, your dentist will numb the affected area. Next, your dentist will loosen your tooth with a specialized dental instrument. Your dentist may or may not make an incision in your gums, depending on whether your tooth is badly decayed or broken. Finally, your dentist will remove the tooth and disinfect the area. Your dentist may perform a bone graft before sewing the area back up.

After the Extraction

Following the tooth extraction, your dentist will pack the area with gauze to help a clot form. This gauze can be removed once the bleeding has slowed. Your dentist will give you recommendations for pain management and foods that are safe to eat during this time period, and will provide you with instructions on how to manage the socket and keep it clean.

Questions? Call Your Dentist

Working with an experienced dentist in Beaver Dam KY and Owensboro KY can help make your experience with tooth extraction a more positive one. If you need a tooth extraction, contact the professionals at Dr. Travis Wilson Family Dentistry today.