How to Protect Teeth While Wearing Braces

Too often, those who have been wearing traditional braces for 18 months or more find that they have some tooth decay after the braces are removed. Tooth decay while wearing braces doesn’t have to happen. With a few preventative tips, teeth can be in as good or better condition when braces are removed as they were when the braces were installed. Here are the top tips to protect your teeth while wearing braces in Owensboro, KY.

Follow a Braces-Friendly Diet

Nothing is worse for teeth than junk food. If you eat junk food like gummy bears and soda for 18 months, your teeth are bound to pay. Instead, opt for healthy, wholesome foods like fresh fruit and vegetables. In addition, you’ll want to avoid certain foods—like gummy bears!—that can get trapped in braces, such as bread. If you adore sandwiches, opt for lettuce wraps, at least until the braces come off.

Rinse Often

Every time you eat, you should try to brush your teeth. Of course, sometimes this simply isn’t practical, especially when you’re away from home. In place of brushing, rinse well. You can even use tap water just to rinse away extra food debris in order to keep it from becoming trapped in your traditional braces. Be sure to brush thoroughly once you arrive back home!

Consider a Water Jet

A water jet appliance can be very helpful in removing hard-to-remove food debris while wearing braces. There are several models available, and all work equally well. Just be sure to use a moderate speed on the water jet appliance so you don’t inadvertently damage sensitive gum tissue.

With a few precautions, you won’t have to deal with any tooth decay after having your braces in Owensboro, KY. Contact us today for more information about braces.

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