summer foods bad for teeth

Which Summer Foods Are Bad For Your Teeth?

Summer is almost here! While everyone is looking forward to warm weather, days spent by the pool and backyard barbecues, it’s not all fun and games. Some popular summer foods can cause serious dental problems. Knowing what those foods are, and how to avoid dental problems, can help you take care of your teeth.

Corn on the Cob

Corn on the cob may be a summer favorite, but this popular food can do damage. Specifically, the pressure that your teeth experience when popping off kernels of corn from the cob can cause damage to weakened teeth. Corn on the cob can also get stuck between your teeth, which can lead to tooth decay if your teeth aren’t properly cleaned after.

Iced Coffee, Iced Tea, Wine, Soda

Iced coffee, iced tea, wine, and soda can all stain your teeth. If you drink these popular summer drinks throughout the season, you can reverse the effects of stains by getting your teeth whitened in Owensboro & Beaver Dam, KY.

A bigger problem than stains is that sweetened drinks also cause tooth decay. Clean your teeth well after drinking these beverages.

Ice Cream

Ice cream may be delicious, but it’s also loaded with sugar. If you’re a fan of ice cream, remember to brush your teeth consistently throughout the summer. You can still enjoy your favorite snack, but don’t forget to take care of your teeth too. Brush twice daily and floss once daily.

Before summer comes, make an appointment with your dentist in Owensboro and Beaver Dam, KY. Make sure your teeth are healthy before the warm weather sets in. Call Dr. Travis Wilson Family Dentistry to make an appointment.

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