Why Should I Get My Teeth Whitened By the Dentist?

White, bright teeth have many benefits! Unfortunately, even people with healthy teeth sometimes have difficulty maintaining white tooth enamel. Over time, the foods and beverages we eat can stain tooth enamel.

If you’d like white teeth, there are many reasons to get your teeth whitened by the dentist in Beaver Dam and Owensboro, KY. At Dr. Travis Wilson Family Dentistry, we offer teeth whitening services that are effective and fast. Below, we’ve listed several reasons to get your teeth whitened at our dental office.

More Confidence in Your Smile

Effective teeth whitening can give you more confidence in your smile. If you have difficulty smiling because you’re self-conscious about how your teeth look, teeth whitening from the dentist can give you the confidence you need to flash your smile.

Long Lasting Effects

Dental teeth whitening lasts long, especially if you maintain good dental hygiene habits. If you brush your teeth twice daily, see the dentist twice annually, and avoid activities like smoking, your whiter, brighter teeth can last for years. Talk to your dentist about how you can make your whitening last for as long as possible.

Safety and Confidence in the Process

It is possible to over-whiten your teeth, but your dentist can avoid that. When you’re whitening with products purchased at a pharmacy or online, you could accidentally harm your teeth. This is why many patients go to the dentist to whiten their teeth.


Whitening your teeth at the dentist is fast and efficient, especially compared to many DIY products that whiten tooth enamel. Interested in teeth whitening in Beaver Dam and Owensboro, KY? Call today to make an appointment at Dr. Travis Wilson Family Dentistry.

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