3 Best Tips When Caring For Your Crowns And Bridges

Your teeth are more than just your precious smile; they need to be further safeguarded from damage, plague, and some unsanitary habits. While Travis Wilson DMD installs extremely long-lasting and effective crowns and bridges in Beaver Dam, KY, there are some things to keep in mind during your aftercare to reduce the damage done to your new crown or bridge.

Keep Brushing and Flossing at Regular Intervals

After the initial period, your healthcare professional will consult with you to give you the green light to resume normal eating and brushing habits. Remember to keep up with this regularly, at least once or twice a day, or as directed. When brushing, make sure to follow the proper directions and not to overbrush, as this can damage the bridge and crown, as well as reduce the gum line of other teeth in your mouth.

Remember to floss and apply mouthwash or an oral rinse as necessary.

Avoid Hard, Hot, and Cold Foods

This is true, especially for the beginning stages, where your crown and bridge are most susceptible to damage. While this can be considered good hygiene for your new implant, it is great advice across the board for regular dental and mouth hygiene. Extreme temperatures can reduce the enamel on your teeth and damage the porcelain of your crown and bridge. Chewing on ice and hard candy can damage teeth and fillings alike, so it is best to avoid them.

Schedule Regular Cleanings and Check-ups in Beaver Creek, KY

Now that you have your new crown or bridge, it is best to keep attending regular or more frequent cleanings to wash away any impurities or plague. During your free consultation and appointment with Travis Wilson, DMD of Beaver Creek, KY, you can explore options and a schedule that fits your lifestyle.

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