Can I Just Push a Loose Tooth Back In Place?

There are lots of reasons why an adult tooth may become loose. You may have experienced mouth trauma, such as from a sports injury. More often, a tooth may become loose due to some kind of problem, such as gum disease or an infection in the tooth socket.

No matter why the tooth has become loose in the first place, you should seek the care of your dentist in Beaver Dam, KY.

A Diseased Loose Tooth Won’t Heal Itself

Often, when a person experiences a loose tooth that seems to be falling out, they will try to push it back in: for a while, that may work, but that doesn’t mean that the tooth is magically going to tighten up again in the socket. In a few hours, the tooth will start to wiggle again or begin the process of erupting from its socket.

When a tooth becomes loose, it’s often because there is a serious problem, such as periodontal disease. When this occurs, the person may become much more diligent about dental hygiene. A trip to the drug store will bring back all kinds of bacteria-killing rinses, a new toothbrush, and maybe even an oral jet rinse appliance to heal the loose tooth. Unfortunately, by the time a tooth starts to fall out, it’s too late for drugstore remedies.

The Dangers of Just Pushing a Tooth Back in Place

When you just push a tooth back in, you’re not getting rid of the underlying problem, which is probably bacterial overgrowth, among other things. Failing to seek treatment from your dentist may result in permanent loss of that tooth, plus more.

Whenever you have a loose tooth, skip the trip to the drugstore and instead make a call to book an appointment with your Beaver Dam, KY dentist for treatment. We look forward to getting you and your loose tooth back on the road to recovery!

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