3 Myths About Visiting the Dentist 

There are many common myths that people have about visiting the dentist. Most myths come from an unrealistic fear of the dentist. And most of those fears stem from avoiding the dentist, which only exaggerates imagined scenarios. The more you visit your dentist in Owensboro, the more you’ll see that these myths have no basis in reality. Following are some of the most common myths about dental visits.

1. Dentists Enjoy Using the Drill

Dental drills are only used when significant tooth decay is found and needs to be removed. The drill enables the dentist to “drill out” the decay and clean up the sides and edges so that a clean surface can be created in which to accept the filling material. Dentists don’t particularly enjoy drilling teeth, insomuch that it means there is bad decay happening. But a drill is a useful tool that helps the patient’s tooth from being completely destroyed from decay.

2. The Dentist is Going to Pull All My Teeth

A dentist’s main objective is to save natural teeth. There are more tools and technological advances available today than ever before. Your dentist in Owensboro would rather use those tools and techniques to save your natural teeth than to have to pull a tooth. And, in a worse case scenario when a tooth can’t be saved, a dentist will never pull a tooth without discussing it with the patient beforehand.

3. A Dental Visit is Only Needed for a Toothache or Damaged Tooth

This is a very harmful myth, because it keeps people from visiting the dentist as frequently as they should. In fact, you should have a dental exam at a minimum every six months. If you do this, dental work can be largely preventative, and you may never need extensive dental restoration work. However, when you only visit the dentist is dire circumstances, extensive work may be needed.

Don’t let false myths about dentists keep you from getting the dental services you need for optimal oral health. Visit us soon and see for yourself just how pleasant a dental visit can truly be.

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