Brushing Teeth for Baby and You – Taking Care of Your Smile During Pregnancy

Pregnancy may mean you are smiling more than usual. Make sure you are taking good care of that smile for the health of you and your growing baby.

Common Dental Health Problems During Pregnancy

Pregnancy brings about a lot of changes in a woman’s body. Beyond the typical things like gaining weight and feeling more hungry than usual, a lot of biological things are taking place as well. For one, your hormone levels drastically change, which can bring about cravings for different foods and changes in your mouth. Pregnant women can be more at risk of periodontal disease because of these changes. Additionally, you may have some problems with swollen or bleeding gums due to increased blood flow. Some women are more prone to cavities during pregnancy as well, which may be partly related to craving new foods but also related to swollen gums more likely to allow bacteria below the gumline. It is also worth noting that morning sickness that leads to vomiting can cause oral health concerns because of the excess stomach acid that ends up in your mouth.

How Poor Oral Health Can Affect Your Growing Baby

The growing fetus is getting everything it needs from its mother. Unfortunately, this exchange of nutrient delivery and shared blood flow also means that problems mom has in her mouth can mean the fetus is also exposed. The CDC says that bacteria from decaying teeth may be transmitted to the growing baby, which may mean the child will eventually be more prone to dental decay after they are born. Likewise, if you have untreated conditions like an abscessed tooth, the infection could potentially be passed to the baby and create a worrisome situation. There are also some known links between periodontal disease and premature delivery.

Dental Care Product Safety During Pregnancy

Of course, you want to be vigilant about oral health care at home during pregnancy, which means plenty of brushing and flossing. Nevertheless, you do need to make sure the products you use are safe for you and your growing child. Make sure the products you use for brushing, rinsing, and flossing are safe for use during pregnancy and discuss any questions about products with your dentist to be safe.

You want your baby to love your smile as soon as they come into this world, and you want your baby to grow to be healthy with a beautiful smile of their own. Reach out to us at Travis Wilson Family Dentistry in Owensboro to schedule an appointment.

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