Everybody Gets at Least One Cavity, Right?

It often seems like cavities are an inevitable part of life. After all, everyone you know has probably had at least one cavity. You yourself may have had one or more cavities over the years. But it may surprise you to know that not everyone gets cavities. In fact, there are many people who have never had a cavity.

Genetic Predisposition to Cavities

There is a large genetic factor insofar as to who gets cavities and who doesn’t. What kind of bacteria you have, the shape of your teeth, and even the composition of your saliva make you more or less predisposed to developing cavities. These are things you can’t control, but there are many things that you can control in order to avoid getting cavities.

How to Avoid Cavities

There are lots of ways to avoid getting cavities, no matter what. Of course, brushing, flossing and rinsing after each meal are essential. Regular visits with your dentist in Owensboro, KY are essential, too. Your diet plays an important part; avoiding excess alcohol and sugar is imperative. Keep in mind that fresh fruit is good, but too much exposes you to excess fructose, a naturally-occurring sugar. And now, there is a new dental treatment that creates another layer of protection between your teeth and harmful bacteria. Dental sealants are available for children and those at higher risk of developing cavities. If you keep getting cavities no matter how much brushing you do, you might be a good candidate for dental sealants.

Remember, if you aren’t genetically predisposed to cavities, that doesn’t mean you are “immune” to getting them. And those who are genetically disposed of aren’t necessarily guaranteed to get cavities. Diet, oral hygiene and having regular appointments with your dentist in Owensboro, KY are key factors, whatever your genetics are. Contact us today to book your next appointment.

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