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Is My Child Brushing Their Teeth Well Enough?

Children need to brush their teeth twice daily, just like adults. When they’re very young, kids get their teeth brushed by their parents. As they get older, kids need to start brushing their teeth independently. While kids are still learning how to brush their teeth, they need to be monitored to ensure they’re doing it right. Your child’s dentist in Beaver Dam and Owensboro, KY, can help.

Watch Their Technique

Your child should brush every section of their mouth, including the outside, inside, and the flat parts of the molars. Your child should also brush their tongue. One way to find out if they’re able to do this on their own is to monitor your child while they brush. Do this several times to ensure they have their technique perfected before allowing them to brush their teeth without supervision.

Remind Them to Brush, Then Follow Up

Most kids need regular reminders when it’s time to brush their teeth. Remind them to brush every night and every morning, then follow up when they’re done to ensure that it happens.

Monitor the Time

Kids should brush their teeth for two minutes, just like adults. Give your child a sand timer to help them tell when they’re brushing their teeth for long enough.


Check With the Dentist

Your child’s dentist will be able to tell if your child’s teeth aren’t getting sufficiently cleaned at night. Check with the dentist after their teeth cleaning in Beaver Dam and Owensboro, KY, to find out whether your child’s teeth are healthy.

If your child has a lot of plaque buildup on their tooth enamel, this is a sign they need to change their brushing technique. The dentist can show your child how to brush more effectively.

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