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My Kindergartner Hates Tooth Brushing Time. What Can I Do?

Not all kids love to have their teeth brushed, even though it’s an important part of their oral hygiene routine. If your child resists toothbrushing time, there are many things you can do to make toothbrushing time more fun and enjoyable. The following suggestions can help. For more ideas, talk to your child’s dentist in Owensboro & Beaver Dam KY.

Sing While Brushing Their Teeth

It’s important to brush your child’s teeth for two minutes at a time. If you sing a song that’s two minutes long while brushing your child’s teeth, then you can entertain your child while simultaneously timing their tooth brushing session. Pick a song your child enjoys. Switch songs occasionally to keep tooth brushing time more enjoyable.

Let Them Watch a Video

Allow your child to watch a video that’s two minutes long while you brush their teeth. If you can, choose a video that’s specifically designed to be two minutes long. If your child gets limited screen time, then this makes toothbrushing time seem extra special.

Give Your Child Some Control

Allow your child to choose a toothbrush and toothpaste to help them get excited for brushing their teeth. If your child likes to be able to control their environment and what’s happening with their body, also give your child the option to brush their own teeth after you finish brushing.

Tell Them When They’re Doing a Good Job

Some kids just need some positive reinforcement. Tell your child when they’re doing a good job, so they’ll know to keep it up.

Brush Teeth at the Same Time As Parents, Siblings

Make toothbrushing a group activity. Invite other members of the household to participate, so your child can feel like they’re a part of something important.

Want more ideas? Talk to your child’s dentist the next time you bring them in for preventative care in Owensboro & Beaver Dam KY.

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