The Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants are a fantastic restoration that many patients use to promote a healthy, beautiful smile. They are a first choice among numerous dental clinics, and for good reason. Some of the benefits include:

Natural Feel

Implants differ from other types of restorations because they replace the entire structure of the tooth. While other methods only focus on replacing the visible part of the tooth, an implant serves as a new artificial tooth root as well. This root plants them more firmly within your jaw, ensuring you will not have to worry about dental implants moving around when you talk or eat.

Health Retention

Dental implants are also the best choice to opt for if you are concerned for the long-term health of your smile. They prevent your jawbone tissue from deteriorating, so your natural facial structure is retained. Implants also prevent other teeth from moving around and getting misaligned.

Outstanding Durability

You can be confident any dental implant you get is going to last for a while. Most implants will last for decades without any issue. All you need to do as far as maintenance is to continue to brush, floss and see a dentist regularly.

Dental implants are certainly worth considering, so talk to your dentist about them. To schedule an appointment, contact Dr. Travis Wilson today.

Dental Benefits — Doctor in Owensboro, KY
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