Why You Should Consider Laser Gingivectomy for Gum Disease

Millions of Americans will experience gum disease at some point in their lives. If detected soon enough, it is easily correctable without requiring extensive treatments. Otherwise, your dentist may recommend laser gingivectomy to treat your condition.

Prevention of Future Spread of Bacteria

As long as the presence of gum disease has not spread to the jaw bone yet, gingivectomy is a viable option. Most oral surgeons will be able to perform this in one appointment. Afterward, your gum disease will be eliminated.

Comfortable Treatment

This is an incredibly common procedure, so your dentist should know how to do it effortlessly. You will be given an anesthetic before the treatment, so you will not feel anything. While some discomfort is to be expected afterward, you can take pain relievers to offset this feeling.

Simple Post-Care

You can expect your gum tissue to feel soreness immediately after the procedure. You will also need to stick with soft foods for a few days. However, for the most part, aftercare is simple. Your dentist will tell you anything else you need to be aware of during this time.
Laser gingivectomy is becoming more commonplace, so talk with your dentist to see if it is appropriate for you. Contact Travis Wilson D.M.D. to learn more about this procedure.
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