Creating Smiles

Everyone has teeth, and everyone can smile, but not everyone has a great smile. Fortunately, Travis Wilson D.M.D. has been helping to create great smiles since 1998. Sometimes it takes a little extra work to get all the teeth to line up appropriately, so we offer orthodontic services to coach a great smile into being.

Orthodontic dental procedures sound scary, especially to the parents who have to pay for the child’s procedure; however, modern developments have made treatments much more accessible to our patient’s wallets. We accept multiple insurance types, and financing plans make this procedure affordable for everyone.

What used to be an obtrusive wire structure in your mouth now resembles nearly invisible or even personalize tidy wires. There are even clear plastic mouthpieces that align the teeth in stages, which can be removed in public settings. The options today for orthodontic treatment are much greater and easier than ever for our clients.

Have you ever wanted a perfect smile? Maybe a tooth has always bothered you with the way it is positioned in your smile. Talk to Travis Wilson today about how you can improve the smile you have always just tolerated. Our office looks forward to working with you, contact us today!

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