What’s Causing My Bad Breath?

Bad breath can be a big problem, especially if it doesn’t go away when you brush your teeth. Bad breath can impact your personal relationships and can affect your confidence. As your dentist in Owensboro & Beaver Dam, KY, we’re here to help. If you’re affected by bad breath, we can help you identify the source of the problem, and we can present solutions. Here’s what you need to know.

Causes of Bad Breath

There are many reasons that people experience bad breath, including the following:

  • Periodontal disease. Periodontal disease is an infection in the gums caused by a buildup of bacteria on the teeth and below the surface of the gums.
  • Poor oral hygiene. Failure to brush well can cause a buildup of bacteria in the mouth. This is often one of the causes of periodontal disease.
  • Dry mouth. Saliva helps clean the mouth and wash away food particles and bacteria. If you have dry mouth, whether it’s caused by smoking, medication or for other reasons, you’re likely to experience bad breath.
  • Food particles. Food you eat gets into the blood stream. This is one of the reasons that food can be detected on your breath long after you’ve finished your meal. You may also be able to smell that food if you ate but failed to clean your teeth well after.

How to Prevent Bad Breath

Preventing bad breath starts with maintaining good oral hygiene. Brush your teeth twice daily and floss once daily. See the dentist for a dental checkup and cleaning every six months.

Have Bad Breath? See Your Dentist Today

You don’t have to live with bad breath. With proper dental care and by maintaining good oral hygiene, you can combat this problem. Call Dr. Travis Wilson Family Dentistry to make an appointment for dental examination services in Owensboro & Beaver Dam, KY.




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