Why do My Teeth Protrude Outward?

Many patients with an overbite or slanted tooth line suffer from protruding teeth, which is one of the most noticeable dental concerns. The good news is that, depending on what caused the protrusion in the first place, protruding teeth can often be corrected rather effectively. At Dr. Travis Wilson Family Dentistry, we offer orthodontics in Beaver Dam, KY for protruding teeth.

Common Causes of Protruding Teeth

Thumb sucking or chewing on a pacifier for a prolonged period of time are common childhood behaviors that can develop into protruding teeth. In addition, certain behaviors and conditions are more likely to impact adults, or develop over the years as time goes by.

Missing Teeth/Impacted Teeth

Crowding or incorrect spacing in the mouth can shift the position of the front teeth, slowly leading to protruding teeth over a period of time. Missing teeth can cause existing teeth to move into an outwardly slanting angle. Incorrect spacing and/or excess teeth can create alignment difficulties in the mouth owing to a lack of adequate space.

Periodontal Disease

As a result of bone loss and lack of stability, periodontal disease can cause protruding teeth. Teeth can become movable, drift, and slant outward when periodontal disease is allowed to continue untreated.

Tongue Thrusting

The tongue moving too far forward in the mouth—called tongue thrusting—can create protruding teeth, resulting in a malocclusion (imperfect tooth alignment), such as an overbite or open bite. While this is a frequent ailment among children, it may also affect adults.

Hereditary Condition

Some people are born with an uneven jaw or a mismatched upper and lower jaw size. While a malocclusion is genetic, it may not manifest itself until the adult teeth have grown in. In childhood and adolescence, this is usually corrected with orthodontics in Beaver Dam, KY.

Protruding teeth can cause a variety of issues in addition to the embarrassment this condition may cause. Contact Dr. Travis Wilson Family Dentistry today for a consultation and treatment options.

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