3 Best Ideas to Hygienically Store Your Toothbrush

While you know how to brush your teeth, you may not know the best way to store your toothbrush after you’re finished brushing. If you’ve just been tossing it into a medicine cabinet time after time, you’re going about it all wrong. To make sure you are storing your toothbrush in a proper hygienic manner, put these tips into practice in between visits to your Beaver Dam, KY dentist.

1. Upright Near a Window

To make sure your toothbrush is ready to go each and every time, place it in an upright position near a window so that it can air dry. By allowing fresh air to circulate around the head of your toothbrush, this will not only let it dry much quicker, but also ensure that it doesn’t wind up with bacteria and mold growing on the head and its bristles.

2. No Head Covers

While a head cover may be great for a golf club, it’s awful for a toothbrush. When you place a plastic cover over the head of your toothbrush or place the entire toothbrush inside a plastic bag or container, you are actually creating the perfect environment for bacteria to thrive. Even if you think you’ve dried the bristles, they will not be completely dry, allowing bacteria to take up residence on the toothbrush you’ll soon be putting back into your mouth.

3. Away from Other Toothbrushes

If you have other folks in your household, try to store everyone’s toothbrushes away from one another so that they don’t touch. By doing this, you can not only be assured that they will dry properly in between uses, but also not allow germs to spread from one brush to another.

By letting your toothbrush breathe, keeping it cover-free, and allowing it to have its own space away from toothbrushes used by other family members, you can be much more confident the next time you prepare to brush your teeth. Contact your dentist in Owensboro, KY to learn more dental hygiene tips.

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