Why Are My Teeth Gray Around the Gumline?

You spot noteworthy gray areas right where your teeth meet your gums. If you have spotted grayness where your teeth meet your gums, you may need periodontal treatment in Beaver Dam, KY, or you could just have an issue with decay that also needs immediate attention. Let’s take a closer look at both issues and how to spot the difference.

Could the Problem Be Gum Disease?

Gum disease, medically known as periodontal disease, can bring about several different symptoms, one of which happens to be discoloration of the gums. Unfortunately, if the gums are turning black or gray, this can be a sign of necrotizing, or the gum tissue starting to deteriorate due to infection. Look closely at the points of concern in your mouth and try to see if your gums are changing colors or your teeth.

Could the Problem Be Decay at the Gumline?

Most often, gray lines or spots around the gum line are a sign of decay. Because the areas where your teeth meet your gums can often be overlooked during brushing and flossing, this is a common area for decay to start to develop. Using your finger or fingernail, feel the area to see if there seems to be a difference in surface texture. If you fill dips and grooves, you may be dealing with decay.

Work with a Beaver Dam Dentist for Proper Diagnosis

Whether you are dealing with gum disease or decay at the gum line, both issues should be immediately addressed by a Beaver Dam dentist. Both problems can mean your smile is at risk and you could face further health threats without prompt treatment. Reach out to us at the office of Dr. Travis Wilson DMD to schedule an appointment for a proper diagnosis.

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