3 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Dental Insurance

Your dental insurance is a tool you can use to keep your teeth clean. Using your insurance as often as possible and taking advantage of all the conferred services can help you take better care of your teeth. You can love your smile when you use your dental insurance to keep your teeth healthy.

1. Know What’s Covered

What’s covered by dental insurance varies by policy. Know what’s covered under your policy so you can take full advantage of the covered services. Some policies change annually so review your policy this year even if you knew what was covered in previous years.

2. Find a Dental Office That Accepts Your Insurance

Not every dental office accepts every type of insurance. To find a dentist in Owensboro and Beaver Dam KY that accepts your insurance, call around to the offices in your area. You can also ask your insurance company which dental providers in your area accept your policy – your insurance provider may be able to give you that information.

3. See the Dentist As Often As Insurance Allows

Many insurance policies will pay for their insureds to see the dentist for preventative dental care in Owensboro and Beaver Dam KY as often as twice per year. If your dental insurance provides this rate of coverage, be sure to see your dentist as often as your insurance allows. This will help keep your teeth as healthy as possible.

At Dr. Travis Wilson Family Dentistry, we accept a variety of dental insurances. Call us today to find out if we accept your insurance, and if we do, make an appointment for a cleaning.

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