4 Questions to Ask the Dentist At Your Next Appointment

A dentist appointment can be a rewarding, satisfying experience. This is especially true if you use the time at your dentist appointment to the fullest extent possible. Take the time with your dentist to get answers to your questions about your oral health and hygiene.

Knowing which questions you’re going to ask at your next appointment with your dentist in Owensboro and Beaver Dam, KY can help streamline the process. Below are some common questions that people ask at their dentist appointment.

1. Are my teeth and gums healthy?

This question helps generate conversation about the state of your oral health. At this point in the appointment, your dentist can describe to you any conditions that you may have and what can be done about them. This question often generates follow-up questions about dental conditions, treatments and their symptoms. The more you know, the easier it will be for you to maintain good oral health.

2. Is my oral hygiene routine adequate?

A good oral hygiene routine helps you maintain good oral health. If your oral hygiene routine isn’t working, your dentist will likely be able to tell. Have your dentist tell you what you should be doing differently in order to keep your teeth clean and healthy.

3. How can I maintain whiter teeth?

Brushing your teeth, flossing daily and seeing the dentist twice per year can help you maintain whiter teeth. In addition, your dentist at Dr. Travis Wilson Family Dentistry offers teeth whitening services that can help keep your teeth in good condition. Have your dentist tell you more about this.

4. When should I schedule my next appointment?

Most dentists recommend that their patients return every six months for cleanings. If your dentist thinks you should return for a dental exam in Owensboro and Beaver Dam, KY on a different timeline, this will open up the conversation for discussion.

Is it time to see the dentist? Call Dr. Travis Wilson Family Dentistry to make an appointment today.

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