Female dentist shows dentures to little boy

4 Tips to Soothe Your Little One’s Fears of the Dentist

Some children have a fear of the dentist – especially when they’re so young that their experiences with the dentist are brand-new. If your little one is nervous about seeing the dentist, there’s something you can do about that! The following tips can help soothe your child.

1. Read Your Child Books About the Dentist

There are many picture books and even board books about visiting the dentist. These books serve as a good introduction to the dentist, and help your child develop positive associations with the dentist. Read to your child books about the dentist on a regular basis to help your child develop an idea about what to expect when they visit the dentist.

2. Play “Dentist”

Make up a game where your child is the patient and you are the dentist. Show your child what it’s like to visit the dentist. Ask your child to sit in a chair and open their mouth. Inspect their mouth and make comments about how beautiful their teeth look! When your child is done, let them inspect your teeth.

3. Talk Positively About the Dentist

After coming back from a tooth cleaning visit with the dentist, speak positively about your experience. Tell your little one about how you enjoy going to the dentist, because you like the feeling that your teeth are clean. If you feel like the dentist is nice to you (hopefully you do!), you should say that as well.

4. Interview Dentists With Pediatric Experience

Find a dentist with pediatric experience, and ask that dentist what they do to help little ones feel comfortable at the dentist. To find a dentist in Owensboro, KY with pediatric experience, call Dr. Wilson.

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