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What Can I Do About Crooked Teeth?

Crooked teeth can be a problem! In addition to the fact that many people with crooked teeth feel self-conscious about their smile, crooked teeth can also lead to misalignment of the jaw.

If you suffer from crooked teeth, it’s important to see your dentist in Owensboro KY. Your dentist can let you know if you need orthodontic services and if so, can give you a referral for orthodontic care. At Travis Wilson Family Dentistry, you can get your orthodontic care in-house, which makes it easier to get your teeth straightened!


Braces consist of metal brackets attached to the teeth, connected by wires that are tightened periodically to draw the teeth in different directions. Braces are a traditional way to straighten teeth and correct alignment problems.

Clear Aligners

Clear aligners, also called Invisalign, are made from clear resin that fits over the teeth. Clear aligners act like braces, because they work by slowly shifting the teeth into the correct position. However, clear aligners are different from braces in a few ways.

First, clear aligners are nearly invisible, which means they’re a lot less disruptive to your smile. Second, aligners can be removed at any time, which makes eating certain foods and cleaning your teeth much easier.


Veneers are non-orthodontic solution to crooked teeth. A veneer is a cover that fits over the front of your tooth. Veneers look like your natural teeth, but they can be used to hide imperfections in your smile and tooth alignment.

Veneers don’t correct structural problems – they only cover up cosmetic problems. This may be a good solution if your teeth aren’t all straight but your tooth misalignment is not so severe that it’s worth correcting.

Want to know more about orthodontics in Owensboro KY, or about getting veneers installed? Call Dr. Travis Wilson Family Dentistry today.

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