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What’s the Difference Between Dentures and Implants?

What’s the Difference Between Dentures and Implants?  

If you’re in need of prosthetic teeth, then you may be considering dentures or implants. In fact, you may find yourself trying to choose between the two. If you’re stuck trying to decide which one is right for you, then it’s important to understand the differences.

As your dentist in Owensboro and Beaver Dam, KY, the professionals at Dr. Travis Wilson Family Dentistry are happy to help you make a decision. Below are some things you should know about dentures and implants.

What Are Dentures?

Dentures are prosthetic teeth that can be removed. They’re designed to look like real teeth but are very different from natural teeth in many ways. They’re removable and must be cleaned outside the mouth on a nightly basis. Dentures last about 7 to 10 years and then must be replaced. Typically, dentures are used to replace multiple teeth at once.

What Are Implants?

Implants are prosthetic teeth that attach to implants inserted into the jaw. Implants can be used to replace individually missing teeth or multiple teeth at once. Compared to dentures, implants function very much like natural teeth. They’re left in the mouth for cleanings and are brushed and flossed just like your natural teeth.

Implants are color matched with coordinating with your remaining teeth. This helps ensure that no one can tell the difference between your implants and the rest of your teeth.

Which One Is Better for Me?

Your dentist can help you decide whether dentures or implants are the best choices to replace your missing or damaged teeth. To find out more about dentures and implants in Owensboro and Beaver Dam, KY, call Dr. Travis Wilson Family Dentistry.

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